Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
Hospital Set at Mothers Nature Studio
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Mother Nature Studios is a professionally managed company which aims at providing excellent shooting locations in Mumbai and outside. Our ultimate aim is to provide world class studios, shooting locations and professional services to all our clients. Our staffs are professionally trained to help the shooting unit to provide all kinds of facilities that may be required for your shoot, whether it is an advertising film, a TV soap or a feature film.


it gives us Great Joy to present to all our Esteemed Clients our Latest addition to our List of ‘ Ready Locations ‘ which is Now Available for your Daily and Monthly ” Prestigious Shoots “. . .


Our Latest Offering is called ” Bhullar Haveli Bungalow ” . This Haveli Bungalow has been Blessed with a Ground Plus One Storey ” Great Palace Style Exterior Look ” , designed Exclusively with Roman Pillars , Carvings , a Water Fountain and a Lavish , Rich and Great Looking Balcony which is facing the ” Lush Green Lawns “ , thus , adding ‘ Magic ‘ to the Exterior Visuals of this Set . . .


In the Interior of this Set , we have a Large Living Room Designed with Pillars and Carvings on all sides of it , A Lavish 8 Seater Dining Table , An Open Kitchen Adjoining to the Living Room , a Great Looking Library and A Stylish Broad Staircase going up to 1st Floor of the Set add to the Beauty of this Set


The First Floor has an Option of 2 Large Shooting Friendly Bedrooms , A Seating Area and a Posh Balcony . Thus , contributing towards the Richness of this Set . . .


The Other ” Side Exterior “ of this Bungalow is designed to Shoot it from the Other Angle as the Exterior Area of ‘ Another Rich Bungalow ‘ ( which is totally different from the Main Palatial Exterior Look of this Set ) . This Second Exterior Look of the Bungalow also consists of ” A Long Designer Corridor “ decorated with Lamps and Railings to give it a very ‘ Beautiful Look ‘ . Hence , you can shoot the Exteriors of 2 Different Bungalows on this Amazing Set .


The ” Bhullar Haveli Bungalow “ is full of Tastefully Decorated Furnitures / Furnishings and Props .


The Entire Bungalow is fully Air conditioned and comes with 3 Complimentary AC Make up Rooms . We also provide you Ample Power Supply and Parking Spaces for your Unit thus , truly making it An Amazing Experience for you to Shoot with us on this ” Bhullar Haveli Bungalow ” .



This ‘BENARAS HAVELI’ is a Huge Set spread over 7500 sq ft consisting of a Large Living Room with an open kitchen, an Open to Sky Aagaan at the centre of the Living Room, 2 Spacious Bedrooms & a Staircase that goes up to the 1st floor of this Set. On the 1st floor, there is a running corridor on all 4 sides of the Aangaan. A Character can be seen standing on this corridor on the 1st floor & having a conversation with another character who is sitting in the Aangaan on the ground floor.

The Highlights of this ‘BENARAS HAVELI SET’ are :-

* The ‘BENARAS HAVELI SET’ comes with an optional Exterior Ready Set at a Nominal Charge. This Optional Exterior + Market Set is also available within the same Studio Premises.

* Ready Tarafas are installed all over the Set thus saving your time & money for additional tarafa costs

* 80 KW of Power Supply is available on a separate individual meter allotted for this Set only.

* 80 tonnes of Air-conditioning is provided on this Set to ensure your comfort while Shooting.

* 10 Air-conditioned self contained Makeup Rooms are available on this Set for the comfort of your Artists. All of these 10 Makeup Rooms are provided complimentary with the Set for your Monthly Bookings. However, for your Daily Shootings 4 complimentary Makeup Rooms are provided along with the Set. You can avail of Extra Makeup Rooms if required at a Nominal Charges.

* Our other Ready Locations e.g. Posh Office Set, Posh Hospital set, Police Chowky, Government Office, Small Town School Set, Periodic Haveli Set etc are readily available within the same Studio Premises at a Nominal Charges.

* Ready Croma Floors with Blue & Green Croma Options are also available within the Same Premises at a Nominal Charges.

* 3 Acres of Open Table Top Land is also available within the same Studio Premises at a Nominal Charges.

* Ample Parking Area, Electricity Supply & ‘Professionally Well Trained Staff’ add to the value of your experience of Shooting with us on this ‘BENARAS HAVELI SET’ at Bhajanlal Estate Naigaon.

Looking forward to have your unit to shoot with us on this Prestigious ‘BENARAS HAVELI SET..

We are pleased to inform you that our  “BHAJANLAL OFFICE SET”  is ready again after a facelift for your prestigious shootings.

The Key Highlights of this ‘Naigaon Office Set’ are :-

*The Look :-  Posh Ground + 1st Floor Interior / Exterior Office Set full of Modern Furniture, Decoratives & Props.

Corridor :- A Long Shooting Friendly Well Designed Wide Corridor for shooting your Dramatic ‘Steadicam Sequences’ will catch every cinematographer’s fancy.

* Reception : An Excellent Reception right at the Entrance with a ‘Comfortable Seating Lounge’ & a Rich Staircase  going up with Classy Steel Railings & Glass fittings to the 1st floor add a lot of Glamour to this ‘Office Set’.

Workstation :-  A Large Workstation having 12 Working Tables & a seating capacity of 24 Employees working on their Computer LED’S at any given point of time keeps the “Activity Quotient” high on this Set.

Conference Room :-  A Spacious ‘Conference Room’ with a seating capacity of 14 Intelligent minds going through intense conferences for their company’s success … can be delightfully shot in this shooting friendly conference room.

* Elevator :-  A Functional Spacious Elevator Set with Automatic Doors & Steel Finish Interiors’ take the level of this classy set a Notch Higher & provide you with some ‘Creative Variations’ in shooting your scenes.

Company Director’s Cabin :-  A Hard Working Director’s Cabin with Book Shelves, Classy Side Tables, Numerous Illuminating Wall Lamps, Trophies, Live Green Palm Plants & a Well Decorated ‘Director’s Table’ with complete props…marks this Director’s Important Role towards the Betterment of his Company.

The Managing Director’s Den :- The Boss Is Always Right !!… & Stylish !!! … The Head of this ‘Magnificent Empire’ better be ‘Suave’ …. A Classy Well Decorated & Well Designed Spacious Den … from where he over looks all operations of his empire definitely suits his taste.

Cafeteria :- On the 1st floor ( Mezzanine Floor) we have a colorful & bright cafeteria where all the employees love to come for some ‘Chill time’ to distress themselves. Its got Life, its got Colours & its got Energy… so much of it … that this cafeteria will entice you to shoot some ‘Restaurant & Lounge’ scenes in it as well …because it doubles up so easily. it seats 24 people at a time in need of some ‘Chill out Time’.

* The Exterior :- This Amazing set has an Exterior Too … where a car vrooms in … The well suited guy walks down the car in style & makes a great entry on this ‘Magnificent Set’.

* Lighting Options:- This ‘Technically Fit’ set has Ready Tarafas installed for all your over head lighting options, so as to maximise your shootings spaces on the floor… Trolley, Jimmy Jib Or Steadycam…This set is ready for it all.

* The entire set is Air Conditioned & comes with 4 Complimentary A/C Make Up Rooms. A further option of 2 extra make up rooms could be provided at a Nominal Charge.

* We have Ample Parking Facility & Ample Power Supply Available. We also have a ‘Ready Generator Back Up’ Available for this ‘Beautiful Set’.

* We also provide  3 ½ Acres open land just behind this ‘ Naigaon Office Set’ & also some other Ready Sets like : A Haveli Set, Modern Bungalow Set, A Police Station Set etc within the same complex, thus enabling you to Hop, Skip & Jump on those sets as well at some nominal ‘Jumping Charges’.

* The Best News… we saved for the last … this ‘Naigaon Office Set’ is A “CHANGEABLE SET”  which will ‘Magically Change’ in to a ”Posh Hospital Set’ within a matter of 30 minutes only. We provide you complete furnitures & props for the “Hospital Set Up” also in case you wish to see the “Hospital Set Up Pics, then you can whatsapp us on 9820673434.




Gandhi Compound, Opp. Blue Dart Courier, Behind Evershine Mall, Off Link Road, Chincholi Bunder,Malad (W), Mumbai – 400 064.


Dongar Pada, Yog Ashram, Near Mantra Residency, Madh Marve Road, Madh Island, Malad (W), Mumbai – 400 061
Kiran Barungde (Manager) : 9867605312
Vinod (Assistant Manager) : 7400227270


Ahead of Bhajanlal dairy , kaman bhiwandi link road ,
National highway no 8, village kaman, Taluka-Vasai, District-Thane
Ms. Raju Bulchandani (Naigaon CEO) : 9892100687 / 9223210216
Mukesh Palkar (Senior Manager) : 8793642188
Devidas Darge (Supervisor I) : 9767573899
Kiran Shitap (Supervisor II) : 8149856365


Vrindan Studio Complex. Opp. Green Village Resort, Next to Akashvani Complex, Madh Marve Road, Malad (W) Mumbai- 95
Mobile : Manager Raju – 8879156755


Osho Studio , Opp.Hiradevi mandir, Next to Arun Mucchala Plot , Bhati Gaon, Madh Island, Malad (W)
Mobile : Manager Govardhan – 9987195611 / 9930702585.


Mob.: 9820673434
Email :



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Dongar Pada, Yog Ashram, Near Mantra Residency, Madh Marve Road, Madh Island, Malad (W), Mumbai – ,400 061

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